RC Challenge 3D

A fun 3D RC Car driving game that will challenge you to complete each stage. Earn points to unlock new cars and a bonus level with unlimited coins!Collect all of the coins before time runs out! Next, you can use your coins to purchase a new RC car to reach hard to reach areas. If you are bit short trying to jump onto a roof, upgrade to a new car!
• 6 unique RC Cars
• Real time 3D physics
• Vehicle damage system
• Vehicles with real working springs
• 20 Levels
• Bonus stage with endless coins!

This game has been optimized and has been tested on several older Android devices with great results.
You control the car with on-screen touch controls. Use the steering wheel to turn the car, and press on the pedals to move the car.


2 comments to RC Challenge 3D

  • Anonymous  says:

    in google play is no RC CHALLENGE 3D

    • Dev Mike - Beer Money Games  says:

      This is one of our older games, it is no longer supported by Google play. But can still be downloaded on Slide.me, check out the other download link at Slide.me

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