Circuit: Demolition Derby 2

Features Include:

Banger Racing – Destruction Derby – Open World Driving – Upgrade & Customize Vehicles – Plus much more!

Smash and Bang your way to the lead in this fun and exciting Demolition game inspired by Banger Racing and Destruction Derby races all around the world.

With the great success of Circuit: Demolition Derby from Beer Money Games we wanted to keep adding new features to the game. In fact we started adding so many more features it became an entirely new game!

• Free Drive mode
• 3 Unique Worlds
• City Traffic
• 50 Race Tracks
• 10 Demolition Derby Arenas!
• 40 Unique Cars
• Free Drive Cop Chase
• Engine Upgrades
• Add Boost To Each Car
• Custom Paint
• Wheel Changer
• Custom Window Tint
• Change Your Car Number
• Post Race and Demolition Replay


68 comments to Circuit: Demolition Derby 2

  • Jhon  says:

    Can’t wait to buy the tank in the garage?

    • Naitik  says:

      same here

    • Sami  says:

      You can

  • Lucas  says:

    I want you to add the Hennessy venom gt

  • Lucas  says:

    Henessy venom gt

  • Den  says:

    Good game

  • Sal  says:

    I love this game

  • Josh Smathers  says:

    In the city after you destroy your car, you need a refresh button instead of having to go back to the garage every time. 2nd you need to be able to see behind you, and also a small map would helpful just to have a bearing as to where you are and all the ramps are. 3rd while driving or sitting idle you should be able to move the camera around to see left,right,front ,and back. And last but not least need a few more ramps to get on some builds that are near impossible to get on top of.

    • Carlos oxi  says:

      I agree with you they should make those changes, my big dream is to buy this game and add a lot of things. “Owner if you see my comment please contact me 865—824—8028 because I really want to buy your game its a really good game”

  • Gor  says:

    Give me a favourite car the game we know what this is tank

  • Dylan  says:

    I really like this game

  • Leon  says:

    I like to see that car

  • Nathan  says:

    It would be great to see a 2016 Honda civic type r and a 2014 vw golf r

    • tobin  says:

      unblock the freight train tracks please:(***

  • William  says:

    Awesome game

  • Kyle Blakeney  says:

    Add a 67 impala

  • Kaden  says:

    Hey this game is great but you should add the new dodge demon for a car in your great game keep it up guys.

    Your repliar, termatator05@gmail .com?

  • Kaden  says:

    Great game guys you should add the new dodge demon as a car in your great game

  • Anwesh  says:

    I want to see my favorite car in demolition derby 2

  • Maemem1  says:


  • wyatt  says:

    I like this game my favorite car I’d the Lamborghini

  • Jd  says:

    Add armored vehicles and a Chiron

    • William reeves  says:

      I love this game so much
      Same Chiron for days

  • J.Scott  says:

    What do you get for the coins?

    • Mike.G  says:

      Coins give you in game credit that you can use to purchase more cars and tracks.

  • Z  says:

    How do you get the coin floating between the two Derby cages in the county?

    • Mike.G  says:

      You have to go really fast in the concrete pit and jump out. Use a faster car to get it. 🙂

    • kevin brown  says:

      Love both games, they have awesome graphics and a wide variety of cars, locations are types of races. Two of my favorites are the ’38 phantom Corsair and a diamond t pick up truck. Please add either one of those, or if possible, both

  • Papa Bealo  says:

    El Camino!

  • Declan Macdonald  says:

    Can you please ad the Shelby cobra

  • Stacy Powell  says:

    Can you ad a ac cobra to the game

    • Alex Norris  says:

      If there is a Koenigsegg shown in different websites why its not in my game or the Ferrari Enzo

    • Rubin  says:

      Best game in my life!

  • Servus 111  says:

    Very Nice

  • Kai  says:

    Great game, but you should make the rewards for different course different. I can go and make 2.5 grand every 20 seconds on concrete oval on a single lap race, but still only 2.5 grand any other track for a single lap race. Second, derby should give more rewards, the max that you can earn is 2.5 grand and it is way longer and harder. Third there should be more upgrades for cars, like increasing armor, and more decals. Finally please remove the turn damage, most of the damage I receive in races is from turning.
    Ps. Can you add a garage in every area so that you didn’t respawn back in the initial area if you were else where.

  • Gunnar  says:

    Best game ever?I play it everyday

  • Julie Lee  says:

    Love this game omg

  • Hi  says:

    Best game ever

    • gene  says:

      best game in the world

  • Blabla  says:

    Good game

  • ryker  says:

    can you add a ford gt to the game

  • Jolie  says:

    My son bought a truck by accident and I don’t know how to return it. Is there any way?

  • Alex Norris  says:

    And also if they say the Ferrari Enzo or Koenigsegg Agera is on a game different website or YouTube why is it not in my game in the garage plz fix this

  • Tamas  says:

    Hello, how can I continue my game from the current stand? I need to switch phone and do not wish to loose what I already unlocked. Thanks.

  • daniel  says:

    add a ambulance and fire truck and monstertruck and tesla and delivery truck and a minivan pls

  • ReadHere  says:

    I very nice game, but can add RACE mode?
    Race mode with bots and online for olay with frends? I hope u read 🙂

  • Harrison  says:

    I Can’t wait to get the new car.
    Best game ever

  • John Henderson  says:

    Since it’s a demolition derby game, we should get more money in the events. Racing tracks have a 50g track while the demo max is 3g. We should get far more money for damage dealt and like a grand per car we knock out

  • Rubin Abedelwahab  says:

    Best game ever invented!

  • jessica rowles  says:

    I would really like to see wa car is under the sheet

  • Add a mclaren  says:

    Add the mclaren

  • evanp11  says:

    add a porche

  • Cm.rey  says:

    Is fun

  • Driss  says:

    can you ad an formula 1 car?

  • Anthony  says:

    Сan you please add a race: Start in the same place where the “city free run” starts, but just don’t turn anywhere at all. The road itself forms a huge circular race around the entire outskirts of the city! It will be cool and even beautiful in some places!

  • David  says:

    I have problems with the game, is there any developer that could help me?

  • Anonymous  says:

    j aime beer money games

  • Anonymous  says:

    C est en 2007

  • sami  says:


  • sami  says:

    un trés bon jeux

  • Anonymous  says:

    mais je ne peut pas avoir la voiture coming soon

  • Anonymous  says:

    this game will play an ad when i go to the city and then there is no x

  • Sami  says:

    En plus c’est bien!

  • Bob  says:

    Please help demo derby and races not working always is just a black screen whenever I try

  • Anonymous  says:

    Help!! Such a great game but now the screen goes black when trying to race :(. My boy loves this game could you sort it out please? Many thanks ????

  • Kiki iberra  says:

    Muy bueno éste juego… Me encanta.. Lo recomiendo…

  • tobin  says:

    but nice game though:) even unblock the tracks in winter world too please.

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