Indie Prize

I found out about indie prize this year and plan to submit our latest game to be considered. While I am hopeful we’ll be selected, looking at past years apps and games – WOW! Lots of amazing games have been part of this event in the past.

Indie prize is a great resource, I recommend game developers (new and old) to check it out!




5 comments to Indie Prize

  • Jared Minor  says:

    I want a police motorcycle

  • Dartweider  says:

    Makes military hilihopter Plese!

  • Davis Lindsey  says:

    I want a f-650 pick-up

  • JD  says:

    Can you add a Chiron Bugatti Chiron

  • e  says:

    plz add a euro truck and a orange construction light bar plz

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