Demolition Derby 3

Destruction Derby, Banger Racing, Open World Driving & Multiplayer!

The new “Demolition Derby 3” game features many requests by players from our previous game and many of the same features that helped DD2 reach over 15 million downloads!

Features Include:
• Multiplayer (Beta)
• 15+ New vehicles
• 20+ Tracks and Demolition arenas.
• Upgrade your car’s performance
• Customize your vehicles
• Drive in first person mode
• Daily rewards

New features that will be coming soon!
• Campaign Mode • Custom Multiplayer Events • More garage upgrades • Engine Upgrades • Deeper reward system • And much more

24 comments to Demolition Derby 3

  • Rudi  says:

    Dear ladies and gentlemen of Beer Money Games,

    Re: Demolition Derby 3

    My daughter and I are avid players of DD2 and now of DD3. I am fully aware that the game is still in a beta phase and much will change.
    The first thing I noticed was that the controls in DD3 are a bit ‘hard’. Means, you pull the car too fast to the right or left. No matter which control I choose. The control on DD2 is a bit ‘smoother’ and thus the cars are easier to control. This has distinguished DD2, among other things, in my view. Maybe you can participate in this feature
    to change something else.

    Yours sincerely


  • Javier Manso  says:

    Please fix the “super” one of it’s hexaust pipes dont show a flame

  • Ratt  says:

    Seriously love these games.i asked a long while back on a certain car thats never in gsmes but is a rad car that should get its time in the sun.the 1962 vauxhall velox cresta would make my car racing dreams come true.they have rad lines and classic style ..please consider putting one in..cheers heaps.

  • Jack Meiser  says:

    I am wanting to see a monster truck and a little more detail like choosing stuff like tire sizes and like offroad tires or onroad tires drag racing tires and customizable suspention and more detail on the cars them selves the car thats supposed to be like a dodge viper looks boxy but besides all that its a great game

  • Taylor Gerst  says:

    Improve the driving a little and would recommend having different class derbys it isnt fair to face a semi a bus at the same time.

  • Max  says:

    Hi I love dd3 very good game awesome but 2 things add a stockcar in the game and fix the chafer bug car it glitches on any track thanks 🙂

  • Keegan Galligher  says:

    Love the game and can’t wait for the campaign.
    One thing I want in the game is a Mustang like in dd2.
    I also wish you could take some of the worlds from dd2 into dd3. Such as the city and attic city. Also could you add a new way to travel to other places like the trains in dd2. Thanks

  • Scott  says:

    Love the new multi player. However with iPhone I can host friends match but unable to join match (beta). App turns as soon as I press join button. Is this a setting or compatibility issue. Already installed update with no change. My son has android so to play I have to create match and have him join.

  • Richard  says:

    The game is amazing

  • Timothy Unger  says:

    When will career mode be unlocked?

  • John Frizzell  says:

    My son and I are trying to get the ID so we can connect with each other and play against each other how do you get the ID

    • Mike.G  says:

      The game idea is when one person hosts a lobby, it will have a number. You give that number to your son so he can connect to you.

  • Nolan  says:

    Hello. I have a idea to help make demolition derby 3 even better. What about a mode that you try to escape from the cops and that U earn money through each cop car u destroy? And for the amount of time that we spend running from them as well.Thank you.

    • Mike.G  says:

      Cool idea!

  • Josué Ortega  says:

    Buen juego, solo agreguen vehículos mas nuevos, que las luces del vehiculo se enciendan todas, modo de conduccion de día, noche, nieve y lluvia, escenarios como jungla, ciudad y terreno montañoso
    Gracias !!!

  • Amar  says:

    Does it save data after I delete it and install it again?

    • Mike.G  says:

      With our new login system, yes it will save your info.

  • Brad Behling  says:

    When is the next expected update? I’m looking forward to career more! It looks loke beta testing is taking a long time.

  • Aina&amanda  says:

    Sorry i’m not English speaker..newbie with dd3..good game..make it similar with twisted multiplayer..but Don’t need weapon..just Royale rumble with 20+ Cars at sometimes maybe with internal communifation devices like pubg anda teams vs teams

  • Eric  says:

    I really love this game and would really appreciate an answer back to this comment.
    This game constantly crashes when i am online. When i am ofine it crashes only on certain demolition tracks. Would really like to see an update

    • Mike.G  says:

      That crash might be related to the program checking for an updated ad to the internet. What kind of device do you have?

  • Goodplayer  says:

    Hi bois, 1 request, add Bots in creativ online room pls, cuz in Derby 2 we can play vs bots, but derby 2 is low definition and is slow.
    If u add in derby 3 in the creative rooms with Bots i buy 10€ 🙂
    I hope u read xd

    • Mike.G  says:

      We try to read all of our messages. Bots in an online game is a neat idea, but might be hard on a single network connection to handle off of the AI in one. We will look into it, but for our game might not work well.

  • Josue Ortega  says:

    excellent game, just add more vehicles such as: ambulance, tow truck, motor home, coach bus, and more modern vehicles. scenarios in night mode, rain, snow
    That all the car’s lights turn on: turn signals, headlights, directional and reverse lights, since they only turn on the brake lights

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