Demolition Derby 3

Destruction Derby, Banger Racing, Open World Driving & Multiplayer!

The new “Demolition Derby 3” game features many requests by players from our previous game and many of the same features that helped DD2 reach over 15 million downloads!

Features Include:
• 100 Vehicles
• Campaign Mode
• Multiplayer (Beta)
• 20+ Tracks and Demolition arenas.
• Upgrade your car’s performance
• Customize your vehicles
• Drive in first person mode
• Daily rewards

88 comments to Demolition Derby 3

  • Rudi  says:

    Dear ladies and gentlemen of Beer Money Games,

    Re: Demolition Derby 3

    My daughter and I are avid players of DD2 and now of DD3. I am fully aware that the game is still in a beta phase and much will change.
    The first thing I noticed was that the controls in DD3 are a bit ‘hard’. Means, you pull the car too fast to the right or left. No matter which control I choose. The control on DD2 is a bit ‘smoother’ and thus the cars are easier to control. This has distinguished DD2, among other things, in my view. Maybe you can participate in this feature
    to change something else.

    Yours sincerely


    • Levi  says:

      The g t r is the best car I the ge u love the game

      • Walker  says:

        It is a amazing game

    • Jonathan  says:

      Beer mony games can you add a classic ford hotrod please and thankyou

    • Anonymous  says:

      C,est un jeux jolie

      • Anonymous  says:

        Juego súper recomendable, distintos modos de juego. Mejoras de autos,varias pistas desbloqueables

  • Javier Manso  says:

    Please fix the “super” one of it’s hexaust pipes dont show a flame

    • Commandantjk  says:

      The A team GMC Vandura.
      Thank you very much!

  • Ratt  says:

    Seriously love these games.i asked a long while back on a certain car thats never in gsmes but is a rad car that should get its time in the sun.the 1962 vauxhall velox cresta would make my car racing dreams come true.they have rad lines and classic style ..please consider putting one in..cheers heaps.

  • Jack Meiser  says:

    I am wanting to see a monster truck and a little more detail like choosing stuff like tire sizes and like offroad tires or onroad tires drag racing tires and customizable suspention and more detail on the cars them selves the car thats supposed to be like a dodge viper looks boxy but besides all that its a great game

  • Taylor Gerst  says:

    Improve the driving a little and would recommend having different class derbys it isnt fair to face a semi a bus at the same time.

  • Max  says:

    Hi I love dd3 very good game awesome but 2 things add a stockcar in the game and fix the chafer bug car it glitches on any track thanks 🙂

  • Keegan Galligher  says:

    Love the game and can’t wait for the campaign.
    One thing I want in the game is a Mustang like in dd2.
    I also wish you could take some of the worlds from dd2 into dd3. Such as the city and attic city. Also could you add a new way to travel to other places like the trains in dd2. Thanks

  • Scott  says:

    Love the new multi player. However with iPhone I can host friends match but unable to join match (beta). App turns as soon as I press join button. Is this a setting or compatibility issue. Already installed update with no change. My son has android so to play I have to create match and have him join.

  • Giubas  says:

    I changed my phone recently. After reinstalling DD3 I discovered that all the progresses were lost.
    Is there a way to recover them? Like a file to copy?

  • Ronin  says:

    Hola Beermoneygames!
    Me gustaria que hubieran mas mapas como el de smallspeedway, y que hubieran coches de lemans, como el mazda 787b, ya que soy un gran fanatico de los deportivos, y del DD3
    Un saludo y gracias por seguir desarrollando este juego.

    PD:aparte quiero decir que a veces se buguea cuando intento jugar a multijugador

  • Richard  says:

    The game is amazing

    • Anonymous  says:

      I love it ❤️ amazing game to just smash cars

  • Timothy Unger  says:

    When will career mode be unlocked?

  • John Frizzell  says:

    My son and I are trying to get the ID so we can connect with each other and play against each other how do you get the ID

    • Mike.G  says:

      The game idea is when one person hosts a lobby, it will have a number. You give that number to your son so he can connect to you.

  • William banfield  says:

    It won’t open on the kindle fire so can play it

  • Nolan  says:

    Hello. I have a idea to help make demolition derby 3 even better. What about a mode that you try to escape from the cops and that U earn money through each cop car u destroy? And for the amount of time that we spend running from them as well.Thank you.

    • Mike.G  says:

      Cool idea!

  • Josué Ortega  says:

    Buen juego, solo agreguen vehículos mas nuevos, que las luces del vehiculo se enciendan todas, modo de conduccion de día, noche, nieve y lluvia, escenarios como jungla, ciudad y terreno montañoso
    Gracias !!!

  • Amar  says:

    Does it save data after I delete it and install it again?

    • Mike.G  says:

      With our new login system, yes it will save your info.

  • Brad Behling  says:

    When is the next expected update? I’m looking forward to career more! It looks loke beta testing is taking a long time.

  • Aina&amanda  says:

    Sorry i’m not English speaker..newbie with dd3..good game..make it similar with twisted multiplayer..but Don’t need weapon..just Royale rumble with 20+ Cars at sometimes maybe with internal communifation devices like pubg anda teams vs teams

  • Eric  says:

    I really love this game and would really appreciate an answer back to this comment.
    This game constantly crashes when i am online. When i am ofine it crashes only on certain demolition tracks. Would really like to see an update

    • Mike.G  says:

      That crash might be related to the program checking for an updated ad to the internet. What kind of device do you have?

  • Request  says:

    Hi, 1 only request, Add in Derby 3 Bots in creativ online room pls ??

    • LoopHide  says:

      I play with my frend in Derby 2, but is Slow and low definition, but in Derby 3 we don’t have Bots in online rooms, pls add and i Buy 10€ ??

  • Goodplayer  says:

    Hi bois, 1 request, add Bots in creativ online room pls, cuz in Derby 2 we can play vs bots, but derby 2 is low definition and is slow.
    If u add in derby 3 in the creative rooms with Bots i buy 10€ 🙂
    I hope u read xd

    • Mike.G  says:

      We try to read all of our messages. Bots in an online game is a neat idea, but might be hard on a single network connection to handle off of the AI in one. We will look into it, but for our game might not work well.

  • Daniel Contreras  says:

    Hello, could you add a bmw model and some discontinued models such as the Crysler voyager, renault gran espace, ford aerostar, I feel that a mini van is missing and another question how many vehicles will you add per month and how many updates are 2 per month? Very good game the bots are very good.

  • The_king_Arthur  says:

    Good game!

  • N. H.  says:

    Could you please add the classic Thunderbird??? Thanks!!!

  • Lucas Jhonatan Dos Santos  says:

    Hi, I’m a huge fan of demolition derby 3, and I have some ideas for improvements for the developers that will please all of us players:

    1 ° Add hand brake;
    2 ° Correct bug to cross any scenario on the maps if it reaches too much speed;
    3 ° Add cars faster than the wraith;
    4° Car suggestion: add ferrari 430;
    5 ° Add long track for speed test;
    6 ° Leave objects and plants “breakable” eg: Cactus, Gas station, among others.
    7 ° Add specific jumping challenges with new ramps and obstacles.

  • Yet the meat  says:

    Yo I didn’t read any of that where’s my free car soooo where is huh huh

  • Andi  says:

    how do I get into closed rooms in the free mode. Sometimes I see that there is money behknd the wall, but I can’t open the doors.

  • Elias  says:

    Can you bring a gokart in the game or a Volvo amason

  • Hayden nunes smith  says:

    When is the next update for ..,..,2020

  • Tone  says:

    The races start while the ads are playing. Lame.
    I like the game though reminds me of an old pc game

  • Scott  says:

    Hey great game I’ve gotten me and some of my friends to play but with that we had one complaint and that was that we couldn’t use controllers and had to use the touch controls. I tested and you can use a controller but the only problem is that’s there’s not way to use the nitro. Any future plans to fix this?

  • Banana 11  says:

    I think it would be great if there could be a chevy bellair or a 1950s-1960s chevy pickup. It would also be great if there was a and suspension system to allow player to make wheels/tires bigger. Hop this is implemented



  • PenguSpeed YT  says:

    Please add Porsche 918, and call it in game “Stuttgart 819”. Also please add a Mustang, and Camaro,also for aunt,who plays this with me, please add a 1987 Camaro IROC-Z, most important detail that please dont remove for copyright, the 2 hood vents, please try to make it look as close as you can to the real thing, I understand copyright issues are a pain, but please do your best. And maybe a plow with spikes on, maybe charge 1500 coins. Also add more decals, especially a special classic Daytona stripe, of course it would say Laguna. And as another stupid car, like the Minion and the Mower, please add a golf cart. And please please please please PLEASE, add a drag strip, just make it 10 lanes, and if you dont want to make the bots go in a straight line, fine, just please, I beg you, add a drag strip in custom friends match, me and my family who play this with me, will have so much more fun here. (its not just my aunt who plays with me). Thanks, I know I’m asking a lot, but these are things I want. Most important, the Drag Strip,second, the IROC, then the golf cart. Thanks Mad Mike and everyone else on the Beer Money Games team. I am working on an episode in my podcast about this game.

  • Tim L  says:

    Hey, really big fan of this game, but there’s been a troll in the game the past few days, changing their username to different offensive statements, and it’s a pretty big bummer while otherwise really enjoying the game. Would be nice to be able to report inappropriate player names, or at the least, I’d be more than happy to share the names I saw with you over email, as I’d rather not post those things publicly.

  • Garret S  says:

    My dad and I love dd3 but since I play on IPad and my dad on android because the game is updated on the apple app store I don’t know if apple won’t let you update or what because me and my dad hate that we cannot play together

    • Garret S  says:

      Sorry its because it isn’t updated on apple app store

  • Tom Bola  says:

    Hello Mike, first many thanks for this realy fine Game! But after Updates every 3 days 😉 there are no users anywhere?? Please make a big Button for News (Update and so..) at the entry! Maybee the old Users run old Versions…

  • Tyler  says:

    Hoonicorn v2 anyone else wanna see that?

  • Apple User  says:

    Could you try to update the game on Apple when you do on Android. It’s annoying that I can’t play it with my father

  • Levi Danielson  says:

    Hi, I am a great fan of this game! I also think it would be cool to add a 1958 Ford Edsel into the mix of fine cars! It is a very diffident styled car and would be fun to add! I think it deserves to be added. What do you think?

  • Lyle Siemens  says:

    This game is so much fun to waste time with. Because there are no ads, I bought a few cars with actual cash. Definitely didn’t need to but wanted to show some support for something I play plenty. There are some glitches like ending up outside the track with no way back in, invisible cars that only show on the radar and crashing into thin air. I would love to see an ’67 AC Cobra 427 or a camper. Thanks

    • Mike.G  says:

      Thank you for your support, and I agree, that would be a sweet car to have in the game!

  • Josue Ortega  says:

    excellent game, just add more vehicles such as: ambulance, tow truck, motor home, coach bus, and more modern vehicles. scenarios in night mode, rain, snow
    That all the car’s lights turn on: turn signals, headlights, directional and reverse lights, since they only turn on the brake lights

  • 3ltudor77  says:

    ompliementi, nice game, but one thing that I think is missing is precisely the motorcycles.
    I would be very grateful if you would add a bike with at least 95 ” displacement please.

  • Gamer Boi Sam  says:

    Hello and this game is good.Add a new Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Adventador to DD3

  • Fay maisto  says:

    Everyone I play with has the most recent update. I have waited and still nothing I don’t understand. Now I can’t play why??????????? Can anyone help me???

  • AlexL  says:

    Hello,I am a Chinese player of the game,my friends and me try to make a world record in the game.It is a really great game on a mobile,but I really have to say that their are some problems in the game (not a bug).First of all,the AI in the game is too ‘stupid’,they often crash me in the race (not in demo),it is hard to make a world record on a curcuit with these AI.Second,it is too irrationallity that a car like F40 can’t reach the speed of 300Km/h with its basic engine.Last,the loss of the car in race mode and demo mode is quite different!I hope the game maker can solve the problem I mention.Thanks!

  • Jeff Holt  says:

    My son had multiple cars and trucks but now they are locked once again?
    How do we get them unlocked again without having to pay again?

    • Dev Mike - Beer Money Games  says:

      We don’t have an online login system. So if you do not back up the game and lose data or un-install the game or get a new device you have to start over. However! If you purchased any cars, that is saved because Google or Apple remembers that and unlocks it in the game.

  • Damien  says:

    Hey I love DD3! Heck I was a huge fan of DD2 as well! I have a couple of requests. Could we get a coffin in the back of the hearse (a Halloween skeleton hanging out of it even better lol)? Maybe for a Halloween update…it would be so funny to see it fly out the back, sort of like how the luggage flies off the roofs of cars. After reading the above comments, I have to say the monster truck and the camper ideas sound great! My last request is paintable wheels and some seriously gripping big tread mud tires! Lastly, any word on DD4? I hope it’s in the works, as your franchise is such a great one! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Tom.  says:

    We need a high risk, high reward “realistic” mode for races where your car can blow up or loose tires/performance when you take a lot of damage. Maybe AI could also be more realistic and the game would punish racers who don’t follow the road. This would work really well with the new racetracks added recently. Other than that, it’s overall a very enjoyable and fun racing game.

    • Dev Mike - Beer Money Games  says:

      Great suggestions! I have thought about having this in future games. Where damage would remain on the car after an event and you have to choose how much to repair before the next race or derby event.

      • Greengasser  says:

        Can y’all get rid of the home screen button exploit? Pressing the home screen freezes other players. Stop letting players bully other players with racism and hate speech. My kid and I can’t even play the game without being cussed out through the name changer in the lobbies. But I’m sure y’all promote that shit too. Fix the game and get rid of wannabe hackers because their ruining the gaming experience

        • Dev Mike - Beer Money Games  says:

          Sorry for the delay. I have sent this message my partner and we hope to be able figure out a fix and get it updated. Sorry for your frustration. We want players to have a good gaming experience, and I’m sorry that has happen to you.

  • Joe  says:

    I would love this game to be controller compatible. i have been playing the game for years and its the only game on my phone. its the best demo derby game in the world. though i know y’all are always busy pushing out new cars so often, it would be a lot more fun to race on controller, plus with my disability (missing my left hand) it would make it easier to play. 10/10 game love it to death.

  • Capt.Kirk  says:

    Hello dear developers, Demolition Derby 3 is the best car game!
    I’m the biggest fan, I have 97 cars 😉
    But hardly playable after the last update!

    The cars get stuck on the walls or drift around aimlessly.The controls are very vague. It’s hardly fun at the moment

    Please repair it again!
    Many thanks and best regards “Capt.Kirk” .

  • Caden  says:

    This is the best car game out ther. Thank you so much for making this game

  • DG  says:

    Is there anything like a wiki or a discussion board for this game? Tone of questions and comments, and this doesn’t seem like the right place for a lot of them.

  • Logan  says:

    I love the game but me and my friends can’t play together anymore, how do we fix this?

  • Matheo Rouault  says:

    Pouvez vous mettre la GTO please sa cerai cool

  • Rob  says:

    The latest update doesn’t allow android users to play with IPhone users. Will there be a fix soon. Had a good thing going and now we can’t enjoy the game together.

    • Erica  says:

      I agree my husband and son love this game but can’t play together because my son has an iPad and my husband has an android phone.

  • Bostjan  says:

    Glitch: When racing the track ‘Ferriswheel beach’ the rounds are not counting when, nearly at the end of a round, the curve around the ferriswheel is taken close to the inner edges.

  • Eric  says:


  • Tom Bola  says:

    Hello dear Beermoney team, unfortunately your new update is full of errors! the radar is gone! There are terrible sounds! The opponents don’t always break even after 100 and 1000 hits! An opponent stayed on the roof for ten minutes!
    You’re ruining the whole game! please give us back the good old version!

    A selection of racing and demolition is not wrong, but with this confirmation “ready” everything becomes complicated, many go out again immediately and you then press immediately when one is there and so you always have only one opponent! the whole game doesn’t make sense anymore unfortunately, this is the best car game in the whole store, I’m one of the oldest fans, I also donated and would like to play the normal game again, thank you very much!

  • Gerni  says:

    Your latest update (since September 2022) is full of errors. I love this game, but the update is really an horror. Please make it like the update before. Thank you very much.

  • Jonathan  says:

    Can you add a 1932 classic ford hotrod please

  • sami  says:

    j ai un camion stallone

  • Bryan  says:

    Juego súper recomendable distintos modos de juego, mejoras de autos varias pistas para correr

  • Michael Sneed  says:

    Why haven’t there been any updates haven’t seen any in a while

  • Anonymous  says:

    Please add the Ford Mustain 2019 it would be awesome

  • GIVA  says:

    will there be a part 4?

    • Anonymous  says:

      Yea They have already released images about the Fourth series of the franchise, which I probably imagine will come out in 2024 And They say the name will be changed

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