WWII Air Combat Live Wallpaper

Live through an amazing World War II air combat scene: the ultimate dogfight live wallpaper finally has arrived at your Android.
Featuring over 45 airplanes flying and fighting in the sky you can be sure this war live wallpaper is packed with action and loads of fire.
A formation of B-17 flying fortresses is on a crucial mission over the Pacific when is attacked by a fearless and vicious pack of the dreaded Japanese fighter, the Zero! Only the brave heros on board of their P-51 Mustangs can save the day. Let the bullets rain!
Choose your side and jump right into the action from your favorite point of view. This gorgeous live wallpaper give you options to enjoy the fight in various ways:

•CAMERA: you can choose between the Hero camera, the Attacker camera, or a panoramic view that follow the closest fights that take place around the bomber aircraft. If you are not sure or want to enjoy them all, you can select the random camera, which will automatically take turns over all the options.

•DAY TIME: decide at which time this air combat takes place and decide between enjoy the clarity of a clear day or the spectacular of a bloody dusk.
What are you waiting for?, get on board and let the adrenaline rush through your veins with the best air combat live wallpaper on the store, an authentic dog fight experience that you can’t miss on your screen.

Ready for tablets and phones!


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